Y-tech combines the Zoom technology and a re-arrange beam distribution technology with two optical systems.

Y-tech provides a lighting solution with Interchangeable  optics for different light distributions and beam angles.  In this way, we are able to metaphorically carve the lighting area or object with practically no spill light, rearrange the beam distribution according to the shape and size of the illuminated object, provide variant light texture for a wanted characteristic add differentiated effect. The uniform and high color rendering light beams of the spotlights perfectly model the artworks, making the finest details and colour nuances perceptible, and reveals the fine texture of the illuminated object.  The re-arrange of the beam provides freedom and flexibility for specific illuminating demands for different shape and size of objects like Artwork, LOGO,  spaces, etc and also provides different light texture, for instance, more penetrating or more softening for  specific demands to realize the expression of the architects, designers or artists.

Light should be how and where light is needed.

   -Beam stretching

   -Light softening



   -Light Shaping




Y-tech optical Filters System


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