12V portable floor lamp with zoomable lens and dimmable switch , to be an omnipotent LED floor lamp

We hoped to create an omnipotent LED floor lamp to meet the high-end needs of CEO, and it took our R&D team two years to achieve this. Here we introduce this 12V portable floor lamp and  almighty LED floor lamp to you.

-We designed this LED floor lamp in two versions, one is COB lens (item 5671) , another is 3in1 lens (item 5672). These two version LED floor lamp have its own advantages. Their differences are : COB version, made the light more softening, beam angle from 10° to 40° , we used 1 piece COB LED and COB zoomable lens. But 3in1 version, its light is more bright, beam angle from 16° to 52°, we used 3 pcs LED and 3in1 zoomable lens. These two versions can meet different needs of arts. Our LED floor is not only a simple LED floor lamp, both for reading and art lighting.

-12V portable floor lamp. We used 12V safe low voltage, to prevent accidental electric shock. Used meanwell driver which through GS, UL certification 12V adapter. We can also be equipped with 12V mobile power supply, the LED floor lamp can be moved freely, without wire constraints, to achieve portable function. So we called  it 12V portable floor lamp.

-Dimmable switch mounted on the lamp, you can dimming directly, turn on and off with this convenient switch on the lamp.




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