The lighting concept.

The Zen garden house is a small hotel. The owner was inspired by an article written by a poet in the ancient Song Dynastic, which describe a nice soul resting place in a home garden after work and away from the trifles, where the poet lived simple and found his soul peace. So the hotel owner wanted to create a place in the city but away from the hustle and bustle of the city, make the people to have a comfort resting place with a tea, a flower or a book and find his sense of belong.

To adhere to this orientation, the light should not to be interrupting, and interfering. It should help to create a sense of individuality and comfort.
In this way the light integrates with the environment to build a relaxing and comforting Zen atmosphere for the soul’s rest.

With a LOGO light introduces the theme of the small hotel peacefully, make a black and white contrast to present the simplicity of the Zen spirit. The decorating artworks are accentuated precisely with penetrating clear light of differentiated beam size against the dark background, that creates a hierarchy of perception, and a sense of Zen spirit. Which perfectly creates and reveal the main theme of the hotel and guide the guests in for further exploration.


Adjust the beam to a proper narrow angle by the built-in zooming technology , and accentuates the counter surface, where it creates an optimum visual condition for the staffs and guests without causing glare. The rear displaying cabinet behind the counter is lighten up from inside to appeared to be self-illuminating. That makes all the commodities visible and appealing for selling without interrupting the others.


The sophisticated lighting arrangement make people feel relaxed in the room. Everything visible enough, but the eye can have a rest with no glaring light and the functional area like the desk, tea table areas are clearly defined by the light. The zoomable technology gives the freedom and flexibility for the light to structure the small room in several functional space through clear accentuation and create for each area a spatial individual effect. One can read or drinking tea as if in one’s own individual space. As a result give the small room a spacious and relaxed effect.


Every space has its own privacy, and should not interfere the other functional area. Thanks to the zoomable spot light. Their beam are adjusted distributed according to the size of the space, and build a perfect atmosphere for the whole room.