About Omnizoom

OMNIZOOM GmbH is established in 2019, is a brand focus on almighty lights and aesthetics. Everything is possible, we are committed to user easy installation, with the omnipotent optical accessory system, to make light playful. Ingenious zoom lens, light framing lens, more than 30 kinds of filters make the light softening and stretching. Almighty lights, let the aesthetics play to the extreme.

Omnizoom studio can design drawings and make prototypes according to users’ needs to achieve fast, efficient and economical personal customization services.

We have rich experience and can finish assembly quickly. We do not allow any defect and pursue 100% quality guarantee. Ensure the stable work of lights, we aging 48 hours before shipping. Our goal is to make the product a combination of the quality and aesthetics.

In Buddhism, “a world in a flower”, here is “a world in a light”. The Omnizoom zoomable cabinet display light displays the finest nuance of the artwork, reveals the fine craft, and provides the flexibility of adjustable beam angle for changing exhibitions. For small artwork, use narrow beam, for displaying big objects use flood beam. And even use the Y-Tech to make a linear spread beam for linear articles or soften the light to achieve a hazy effect.

Light, energy of life, inspiration of design.
The light in different functional areas serves as the energy to invoke the inner life of everything in the space. The story, the thoughts and the aroma of the tea flow under the light. The beauty of the space grows, alternates, transforms, circles and inherits. The design inspiration comes from the love of life. If Omnizoom is fortunate enough to be your favorite lights, it will be the greatest affirmation of Omnizoom.