LED Showcase Light – LED display cabinet light

Omni Zoom Studio offers the ultimate display case solution – an energy efficient LED display case light with an ultra slim profile and high efficiency.

This LED display case light is an ideal window lighting solution for tough applications and with limited space for window lights. Creates dramatic lighting for jewelry and can be used to illuminate heat sensitive products such as chocolates.

The jewelry will shine with an irresistible charm. Marketing research has repeatedly shown that well-informed products will dramatically increase sales. And because this device saves energy, it saves your bill.

The LED display light is available in 5 different lengths and 4 color temperatures. With almost zero heat emission, it brings an impressive and spectacular light to your products. You can now show the candy light. Sort by length and color temperature. We have a full line of LED drivers and transformers for any project from 5 watts to 300 watts. Calculate the wattage: Figure 1.7 watts per 6 inches long. Contact our design team for assistance.

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