Zoom light distribution, uniform light, improve the light utilization rate.

Lighting application for clothing stores.

The creative and flexible sheets of light distributed by Little David form a comfortable and charming space.

Build artistic lighting at home

The light and dark weave an artistic lighting effect in the area. This is achieved by the focus control function that makes the home more relaxed. You do not agree?

With focusable light, you can create your own distinctive light effect based on the style of your furniture and surroundings.

The common spot light beam is diffuse. It’s difficult to perfectly enable and highlight settings. With the focusable LED spotlight, you can create a comfortable, highly efficient and mood-altering lighting environment.

With the selected high-end LED chip, the uniformity and brightness of the light can be better achieved. The special design of the heat sink is very effective in dissipating heat and reducing brightness deterioration. The high-quality aluminum housing of the lamp is finely anodized. And the certified driver ensures a longer life of the light.

1, Turn off the taillight cover.

2, Fix the back cover with a screw to the ceiling where the power cord is located

3, Connect the wires of the power supply and the lamp with the wire connector

4, Screw the lamp into the fixed rear cover

Our fundamental competitiveness

What is our concept of light and persecution?
Light is not only used for lighting, but also as a communication channel for people.
Then we will adjust the position of the light and the brightness.

Where does the LED source come from?
The beam angle can be continuously adjusted by extending the focus head

How much light is correct? – is under your control.
Especially suitable to create a romantic or cozy atmosphere or to highlight a luminous stone.

Customized LED Focusable Light

Focus controls the angle of the beam according to different objects.
Functional design with adjustable light direction technology.
Efficient heat dissipation technology, high quality anodized surface treatment.

Easy installation and safety design.

What is focus control technology?

Variable focus control from 8 to 35 degrees
The beam angle can be continuously adjusted by stretching the lamp head to achieve a focused spotlight or point light.
Real practical flexibility. How much light is right It’s under your control!
Particularly suitable for creating the desired romantic or warm atmosphere or for highlighting a polished stone.

When you adjust the focal length, the brightness and lighting area will be changed according to the illuminated objects. Wherever the object is located, it can always be highlighted using the 360 ​​degree rotation feature! The 90 degree adjustable direction function also provides more freedom in lighting design. Warm white, neutral white and cool white are available to select the desired lighting environment.

Custom Recessed LED light

Recessed lighting is sure to be one of the most stylish and functional additions to add to your home or commercial space. Recessed lighting (also known as downlight or box lighting) is the most common form of architectural lighting today directed at your surface (usually a ceiling). As a supplier of recessed lights, we see recessed lights being used increasingly in new buildings and renovations. High-quality recessed lights not only look neat and clean, they are also energy efficient and last longer than normal bulbs. At PROLIGHTING we have a large selection of recognized brands for recessed lighting such as DALS, Lotus, Nora, Sylvania and more. If you are looking for recessed lights, you have come to the right place.

Installing LED recessed lights is an easy way to give your existing space an updated look with minimal fuss. Recessed LED lights are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, as well as outdoors. While standard downlights are very energy efficient, the built-in LED downlight can run for years before the lamp needs to be changed. LED downlights are virtually maintenance-free and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Gone are the days of pulling ladders to reach overhead lights and cleaning or replacing a light bulb. Essentially set them up and forget they’re there … unless, of course, you admire them.

Whether you’re looking to save money on an upgrade or a new device, we have hundreds of options to choose from. We are sure that you will find the best option for your new construction or renovation. We are currently the leading distributor of Lotus LED downlights in North America and their ultra-thin wafer style downlights are among our best sellers. At just ½ inch thick, these ultra-slim LED downlights are designed to fit where no other recessed luminaire can. The ultra-slim design is the perfect solution for flat plenum ceilings. No housing is required and all lights in this category are IC certified for direct contact with insulation. We offer the full range of LED Lotus lights, including standard, round, square, gimbal, mini gimbal, and more.