Gallery refers to this location for displaying and purchase of art works. Gallery lighting fittings should be working for presenting artwork and bringing customers. Some personal galleries are also served as production location, so the gallery lighting ought to be acceptable for creation. For nice art gallery light, the lighting is the essential channel to introducing the functions, heightening the atmosphere, and fitting that the surroundings. Professional gallery lighting options will need to utilize the charm of lighting to demonstrate the artwork functions better, and excite the urge for artwork collections.

For planar displays in gallery light design, the proportion of the minimum illuminance into the normal illuminance shouldn’t be greater than 0.8; while to get taller compared to 1.4m planar displays, the ratio shouldn’t be greater than 0.4.

When the galleries will need to reorganize the display, decorate or update, Omni Zoom Studio made simple, rapid, convenient and flexible setup ways can make the job more elastic and flexible.

Omni Zoom Studio Tracron track lights recognize completely free modification 360° horizontally and 90° vertically, aided by Eutrac professional monitor system, may satisfy all instructions lighting, and are adaptable on alteration in any given place.