Our ceiling light is mainly used for product illumination in the display showcase at watch stores, jewelry stores, and museum, etc. A full set includes LED lights, track rail, and power supply of 12V.

Nano Dimension Retractable Downlight
Retractable downlight, 90° vertically directional, 360° horizontally directional

Ceiling wall washer
An optical filters system is attached for optimum light pattern adjustment of the lighting on different objects. Light from round to oval. A Built-in patented lens can be shifted to achieve a stepless zooming beam angle from 8º to 45º , agile for different beam size and amount needed.

A small expert for exhibition showcase /cabinet display
A considerate design more oriented from the spirit of sustainability and flexibility. A cabinet/showcase light can be controlled and maintained without opening the box! Plus a light effect processing optical system to achieve an optimum illuminating effect. Control and maintain w/o opening the cabinet. That provides convenience for a more precise and perfect display. Equipped with set of pre-mounted brackets, the light can be changed and maintained easily. With an adjusting needle, the beam angle and the projecting direction can be adjusted freely.