Traditional lamps, in spite of protective filters, can harm displays in museums very fast. LED technology nevertheless, does not create IR and UV light and is therefore great for sensitive environments such as museums and galleries.

LED lighting technologies is the greatest choice light source in this regard. Accordingly, from the view of preservation of artwork, LED lighting source is going to be the ideal option.

“Saving electricity, no waste” can also be a concern for the performance of galleries and museums, particularly to get a few charitable pavilions. Temperature control system might be the most significant power consumption for nearly all places, but the energy consumption of light should not be discounted.

To begin with, LED has become the most effective lighting apparatus presently. To attain the identical lighting needs, LED uses less power than conventional ones. Secondly, LED provides longer life compared to conventional light sources. The typical life of the LED lighting product from the marketplace can attain 50,000 hours or longer. LED may be used for up to 18 years as it had been turned on for 2 hours every day, saving energy and decreasing maintenance costs. LED lighting is now the ideal alternative for museum and gallery.

Professional big wattage LED, No infrared and ultraviolet beam, Largely decrease radiation effect.

Ultraviolet and infrared radiation will hasten the aging and damage on the cultural relics. Omni Zoom Studio LED memorial lighting fittings apply professional LEDs especially employed for museums with superior light performance, long life with no radiation, supplies exceptional and secure lighting options for museums.