Lights and solutions for restaurants

The right lighting in your restaurant can create the perfect mood for your guests. However, you will need a variety of different candle holders and accessories for your restaurant. The storage, freezer and kitchen areas all require brighter lights, while you want to set the mood for your guests with commercial LED pendant lights or recessed lights. The bar area, menu boards and signage also need their own lighting, as do the entrance area and the outdoor terrace.

Areas of the restaurant that need to be illuminated:

  • Entrance
  • Outside terrace
  • Lunchroom
  • Bathroom
  • Cooker and freezers
  • Exit and emergency signs
  • Bar area
  • Menu cards and signage

We offer light restaurant equipment and accessories

At Omni Zoom Studio Lighting, we offer restaurant lighting solutions from many of the leading lighting brands and manufacturers. We usually recommend a commercial lighting option with a dimmer for your dining room, e.g. pendant lamps, indirect lighting and recessed lighting.

Bright ceiling lights are more suitable for the kitchen area. Outdoor and patio areas are often ideal for rows of lights, floor lamps, and outdoor pendant lights. Our many garden lights can enhance your driveway and area.

Since you save a lot on energy and maintenance costs with low voltage and LED lights, we have also shown you some of these lighting options.

Create the dining experience you want your guests to have with the perfect commercial lamps for your restaurant today.

Omni Zoom Studio Lighting, the lighting company you can trust for all your restaurant lighting needs.