Picco café

The lighting concept

Picco coffee is a CAFE by the lake. The designer wants to offer a most native but relaxing space to the guest to enjoy a cup of coffee or a piece of aromatic cake, and a place where one can even work for a way with a laptop, or have a chat with a friend.
The guest should enjoy their privacy without being interrupted. So the light will not accentuate the tables but the artworks and decorations on the walls the floor. With an expert zoomable track light of hight CRI, the light beam either sculpts the ornaments or just wash a small piece of wall, or direct the people’s eyes to the bookshelf perfectly.

In this way, the light finds a new role, its high quality beam create a bright contrast against the relatively darkness and reveals the beauty of the fine texture of the ornaments and the raw wall, which makes one return to mankind’s most native living style memory. The light works here together with the artworks and decorations and becomes the 4th Dimension of decoration itself.

With a simple built-in zooming mechanism, the beam of the zoomable Omnizoom track light is quick and easy to be adjusted, offering maximum flexibility and optimum beam choice. Another important issue is the selection of colour temperature, the designer selected Omnizoom luminaries in warm white, with 3000k, thank create a fashion but cozy ambient for the guests and make the space warm and comfortable to stay.