Xi’an Kewei Tea culture space

Xi’an Kewei Tea culture space  provides tea, tea collections, arts, as well as exhibition. Therefore  it requires not only to build several individual non-interfered but not totally seperate space, but also to meet the needs of changing function of a space. Now light plays the most important role here to fulfill this mission.

Thanks to the Omnizoom lights. By adhering the philosophy of “less is more” and “light should be where it is needed”. Omnizoom lights display its flexibility by infinitively zoomable, omni-directional, and its Y-Tech which enables abundant effect possibilities  for the user to realize their will.

Sensibility Can’t touch, Sense does.

Here the owner builds beauty of peace, implicit, comfort and elegance. The utmost of elegance is

the freedom of spirit presentation. And the flexibility of Omnizoom Light enables the freedom.  The space spreads and withdraws infinitely with the help of the light. Light and shadow, void and solid, weave the melody of the space and a unique atmosphere.  The light merges into different things unobtrusively, and brings the people, the tea, the articles and the environment together harmoniously.

In Buddhism, “a world in a flower”, here is “a world in a light”.  The clear penetrating high quality light sets  invisible walls for different areas, creates individual private spaces for the clients.




The Omnizoom zoomable cabinet display light displays the finest nuance of the artwork,  reveals the fine craft, and provides the flexibility of adjustable beam angle for changing exhibitions. For small artwork, use narrow beam, for displaying big objects use flood beam. And even use the Y-Tech to make a linear spread beam for linear articles or soften the light to achieve a hazy effect.


Light, the energy of life

The light in different functional areas serves as the energy to invoke the inner life of everything in the space. The story, the thoughts and the aroma of the tea flow under the light. The beauty of the space grows, alternates, transforms, circles and inherits.